oooh, after that Bantu and Tiki art, I just hope queenlua was happy with my gift.

How to bypass region block


PEOPLE OUTSIDE THE US, DO NOT FEAR you too can watch the legend of Korra legally online. So (among other sites) are region blocked, meaning that only those living in the us can enter the website or watch the videos. Here is how to bypass it, the easy way

go to


get the extension :) 

Go to


and this should pop up.

Or click on the hola logo on the top right corner of your screen.


So if it doesn’t work, click on the logo a second time and downvote. 

By doing this in stead of streaming illegally you will support the show and Korra needs more love. The whole process of downloading the app and using it only takes a couple of seconds. Much easier than searching the web for a streaming site (of low quality) or praying that the torrent you downloaded will get more seeders. 

ps sorry if this little tutorial was stupid and everyone knows this already

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nagamas gift for siraranispleased !! i hope it’s kinda like what you were looking for. :’) happy nagamas!

Prompt: FE1/3/11/12: Tiki and Bantu, Now Let Me Carry You

Yaaay-hee! It is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thank you very much!

A Nagamas gift for queenlua cutting dangerously close to the deadline, for which I apologize :P

When I saw that particular prompt, I knew exactly that I needed to act on it, as it gives me an excuse to work off a personal head canon of my own. Plus, it introduced me to a song and a band I never would’ve tried before, but have now grown quite a fondness for, especially given the literary references, which I tried to incorporate.

Title: Nameless You Above Me
Series: Tellius, FE10
Characters: Micaiah, Volug, Nailah (featuring Pelleas)
Word Count: 1560
Rating: G
Summary: Some devotions go beyond loyalty, or even love. Some combine those feelings into something even greater.
Prompt: Micaiah/+Volug. Songprompt. One-sided Volug->Micaiah preferred; other stuff is good too. Rating limit PG-13.

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so apparently early kings of france performed accolade by kissing the knights on the cheek

and the ‘sword tap on the shoulder’ evolved from a punch to the neck

…how do I reincorporate this with my writing…


from twitter… feeling some fe7 nostalgia 

Serra for the twin tail prompt and the lord trio in an ace attorney crossover

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On the one, it would be kinda essential as a game designer to at least play an iconic classic like Sims 2

On the other, that involves installing Origin, and nneeyyyyyhhhh….


Oh there we go

(I mean you could always argue there’d be an issue when you go outside of M/M and these relationships are between M/F or F/F but brotp works)

Do you ever have an OTP that’s not at all romantic?

Like, you gush about them, and roll around thinking happy thoughts and happy AU’s and scenarios about them, and fantasize about so many possible interactions between them, while keeping it completely and totally platonic?

Is there a proper term for that or do you just have to preface it OTP(latonic)?




you know when u hate someone so much u start imagining their face in the sky?


because they beat u at a card game?


seto kaiba knows



"Remember who you are, Kaiba…"




"A loser."


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Anonymous asked: What was Link's whole reaction when Chrom teleported in with the children?






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Thoughts on Gnar?


Personally I’m really excited about Gnar even though I don’t play top lane much. He’s so adorable! What do you guys think? Who’s planning on getting him? 


  • Some skills are derivative (Boulder Toss is just Olaf’s Undertow with rocks instead of Axes, Wallop is just Pulverize without the knock up)
  • He has no “Oh, shit, never mind!” when he Rages, whereas top tier top laners tend to have skills just as good for getting out as getting in


  • Dino Gnar

10 outta 10, 10 outta 10, hundred outta hundred, best champ, best champ.

(Seriously, though, he also offers a very unique take on the Rage mechanic seen with Renekton, Shyvana, and Tyrndamere, his skills in his tiny form are very unique, and he would only be an ill fit for a siege comp, he’d fit right into any others)

(Also he shouts prehistoric “Tibbers!”, “Shark!”, “DEMACIA!” and “DARRRKNESSSS!” with other champions that is adorable I want one, and he share’s Rammus’s “Okay.”)


by 今宮だん

※ Permission to upload has been granted by the artist.

I would hope it’d be in everyone’s interest

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